Ecofriendly Solutions Pty Ltd incorporated in 2003 is dedicated to developing products and solutions which will result in a net environmental gain.

Our activities include:-

1. Wood Briquette and Wood Pellet Manufacture
2. Distribution of Wood Pellet Heaters
3. Wood Pellet Heater - Slow Combustion Heater Installation and Maintenance
4. Chimney Repair and Sweeping

1. Wood Briquette Manufacture - EKOLOGS

     Cleaner and hotter burning fuel
     Less emissions - CO2 Neutral
     Cleaner chimneys
     More value for money

2. See our range of Wood Pellet Heaters

3. Follow our information link for Fire Maintenance and Wood Pellet Heater Installation

We have taken an otherwise waste product and turned it into a consistent and reliable wood fuel. Densified Wood Pellets and Densified Wood Briquettes remove all of the uncertainty of traditional firewood. Stabilised moisture content and sustainable collection practices provide consistency of quality. We only secure supply of raw material from organisations operating within the laws and guidelines regulating the timber industry here in Australia. Our actions help to create local employment and improve the value add of harvested timber.

Our vision is to operate a business which benefits the environment, our customers and our employees.

Our aim is that the more of our product you buy the greater the environmental gain.