Wood Pellet Heater Range:

9KW Wood Pellet Heater
11KW Wood Pellet Heater
15KW Wood Pellet Heater

The Wood Pellet Heater is the newest technology in wood burning devises for domestic heating.

Wood Pellet Heaters are fully automated with programable timer switch on and swith off and temperature setting cababilities.

The pellet heater uses 6-8mm cylindrical compressed wood pellets which are held in a hopper built into the top of the pellet heater. Generally 25-30 KG of wood pellets can be poured into the feed hopper and this amount of fuel will last approx 2 days.

The wood pellet heater is fitted with an automatic ignition so no need for fire starters. When switched on the wood pellet heater will commence a start up ‘fire-on’ proceedure until the temperature in the burning chamber reaches an operational level. The pellet heater then changes into normal running mode and operates according to the users required settings.

Wood Pellet Heaters are designed to burn the wood pellet fuel to the maximum efficiency. This effectively removes any smoke emmissions once running and substantially removes invisible partilulate emmissions that are normal for traditional wood heaters.

Remove the hassle of a traditional wood heater and consider a CO2 Neutral Wood Pellet Heater for your home. It is a cost effective alternative to reverse cycle airconditioning and gas heating.

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Wood Pellet Heater in Action